Welltech Total Water Management is Australia’s leading specialist in Construction Water Supply, Sewer Bypass operations, water well drilling and groundwater management

Our journey and vision have been inspired by the commemorable feats of C.Y. O’Connor (11 Jan 1843- 10 Mar 1902)

Irishman, Charles Yelverton O’Connor, was appointed Engineer-in-Chief of Western Australia in 1891, he was to become responsible for the construction of Fremantle Harbor and the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme project, to which he would literally commit his life.

While at the time, many questioned his judgment and management of public works, historically C.Y. O’Connor would be revered for his technical knowledge, instincts and his commitment to success that would outlive the defamation he received from nay-sayers who held little faith in his bold aspirations.

The legacy of C.Y. O’Connor’s professional and personal triumphs in Western Australia serves as a tangible reminder of the importance of hard work, belief in your goals and most poignantly the need to stand by one’s convictions during doubt and the hardest challenges.  

With Water Management being our life blood we fully understand and reflect with empathy on the challenges faced by C.Y. O'Connor. All of Welltech are proud to carry on his legacy of committing to look beyond the conventional with complete conviction. This philosophy constantly inspires us and filters down to the end result of absolute client satisfaction.

Welltech have been sourcing, developing and introducing innovative solutions for over 20 years, our endless energy and passion constantly drive us well beyond delivering the best equipment.

At Welltech we are renowned for developing composite and quite often simple project solutions that once introduced attract client feedback such as ”Why didn’t we think of that”.

The many years of long term client relationships are testimony that our commitment is our proven recipe for success, after all Commitment = Satisfaction.