Reap the rewards of Welltech’ s innovative quick fill water supply system.

Load a 15,000 litre water cart in just 45 seconds. 

Welltech Portable Water Towers are large capacity (60,000 litre) fast loading high volume water supply system, designed to maximise the time your water carts are on the road. This reduces the number of water carts required per project. 

No time is wasted waiting at the standpipe. 

Welltech Portable Water Towers can be connected to a complete Welltech turn-key bore package, mains hydrant or just about any available water source. This further reduces costs & preserves our precious scheme water.



Water Cart: The standard water cart delivers 8 to 9 loads per day from a mains hydrant and takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour to fill.

Water Tower: The Welltech Portable Water Tower from a mains hydrant increases production to 16 to 17 loads per day.

Further Cost Savings – By utilising a Welltech total water package which includes bore hole, bore pump and Welltech Portable Water Tower, you not only achieve savings on the cost of the water you also achieve a substantial increase in production, making it possible to run a fleet of water carts from the one installation.

60,000 Litres of Welltech High Speed Water Supply delivered in an instant.


Where project and site conditions demand large water use and capacity, turkey’s nest dams become the best option. In the past pumping from these dams into water trucks has been quite slow.

 An addition to our fleet replaces the need to use multipurpose low efficiency 6” pump and standpipes that only have the capacity to produce quite often exaggerated maximum yields of up to 100L/sec.

 This method we believe has lost touch with an industry where time equates to profitability. The Welltech MegaFill™ – High Speed Truck Fill Pump will deliver 220L/sec into your trucks out of turkey’s nest dam or any standing water source all from the cab of the truck. 

The Welltech MegaFillTM pumps are fully remote controlled, this not only further speeds production it also protects the operator from possible injury during ingress and egress.


The need to transfer construction water over large distances has seen Welltech evolve into constructing fully compliant temporary and permanent HDPE pipelines to suit client requirements.

Our team’s ingrained dedication, coupled with our quite often composite methods of installation provide solutions based on a collaborative ownership approach. Both clients and ourselves benefit from the continual smooth delivery of commercially efficient results.

Welltech’s pipeline construction equipment, as with everything in our fleet, employs the latest technologies. The fleet is predominantly McElroy Welding Machines which are renowned for be the best in the world.

Our in – house fleet and teams have the current capability to deliver fully compliant pipelines through the full range of sizes, including up to DN900mm - as many as 20 welds per day. Welltech also has the capacity to deliver up to 1,200mm pipelines by utilising our long lasting supplier partnerships.

Our team has the ability, skills and motivation to mobilise, install and commission pipelines of all sizes in short lead times, meeting the highest of compliance and standards. 


Welltech’s hire fleet of bore pumps and complete turn-key packages have the capacity to pump from any borehole or water source at flows ranging from 1L/sec @ 10m to 70L/sec @ 120m or for higher head 30L/sec @ 200m. 

All of our pumps are workshop tested prior to dispatch, they include all the necessary equipment to deliver a reliable, controlled and compliant water supply.

Our experienced teams can provide a full installation service including pipelines through to commissioning and handover or alternatively we can supply packages complete with procedures and equipment for your personnel to install.

Every system is tailored to suit your specific requirements and guaranteed to achieve the maximum results.