Reap the rewards of Welltech’ s innovative quick fill water supply system.

Load a 15,000 litre water cart in just 45 seconds. 

Welltech Portable Water Towers are large capacity (60,000 litre) fast loading high volume water supply system, designed to maximise the time your water carts are on the road. This reduces the number of water carts required per project. 

No time is wasted waiting at the standpipe 

Welltech Portable Water Towers can be connected to a complete Welltech turn-key bore package, mains hydrant or just about any available water source. This further reduces costs & preserves our precious scheme water.



Water Cart: The standard water cart delivers 8 to 9 loads per day from a mains hydrant and takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour to fill.

Water Tower: The Welltech Portable Water Tower from a mains hydrant increases production to 16 to 17 loads per day.

Further Cost Savings – By utilising a Welltech total water package which includes bore hole, bore pump and Welltech Portable Water Tower, you not only achieve savings on the cost of the water you also achieve a substantial increase in production, making it possible to run a fleet of water carts from the one installation.

60,000 Litres of Welltech High Speed Water Supply delivered in an instant.

Welltech is a specialist Water Management Company with a highly regarded team of experienced professional personnel.  This ensures the best Water Management solutions, whilst enabling the most cost effective, practical and up to date approach to be used to suit your individual project requirements.