Lampe Pipe Plugs

Welltech is renowned for quality solutions, after many years of research into pipe plugging we have aligned ourselves in partnership with Lampe GMBH and are their Australian national distributor

We are proud to offer a full inventory of what we believe are the worlds’ leading pipe plugs.

As Lampe GmbH’s Australian agent we stock all the common and a selection of the not so common sizes ready for immediate dispatch.

Contact Welltech at anytime to discuss stock, pricing and the suitability of these revolutionary new pipe plugs to suit your requirements.

One cushion plug, many different diameters

Lampe sewer sealing cushions will seal many different diameters;

150 to 400mm
300 to 800mm
400 to 1,00mm
500 to 1,400mm

Lampe sewer sealing cushion can be tightly folded and are light weight, making them easily folded and handled into all access chambers.

Lampe sewer sealing cushions will seal openings on any profile

They not only seal round pipes but also oval, kite and throat profiles as well as open top and box profiles, even as far as rectangular box curvets.