Welltech MegaFill™ 

Where project and site conditions demand large water use and capacity, turkey’s nest dams become the best option. In the past pumping from these dams into water trucks has been quite slow.

An addition to our fleet replaces the need to use multipurpose low efficiency 6” pump and standpipes that only have the capacity to produce quite often exaggerated maximum yields of up to 100L/sec.

This method we believe has lost touch with an industry where time equates to profitability. The Welltech MegaFill™ – High Speed Truck Fill Pump will deliver 220L/sec into your trucks out of turkey’s nest dam or any standing water source all without leaving the cab of the truck. 

The Welltech MegaFill™ pumps are fully remote controlled, this not only further speeds production it also protects the operator from possible injury during ingress and egress.