Welltech’s Bypass Division specialises in the successful pumping and bypassing of sewer and waste water across the nation and internationally. This division’s establishment has largely been advanced by an industry in dire need for a large scale operator with the capacity to manage flow rates in excess 10,000L/sec.

Being able to pump high flow rates is only the beginning. We understand and embrace that to successfully carry out large scale Bypass operations, all details and possible scenarios must be identified and understood. Welltech’s Bypass Division ensures that each project component is considered, planned and executed using the most advanced equipment and practices to deliver incident free, completely controlled Bypass solutions.

Welltech’s research and development team constantly source and develop the latest equipment and technology available around the world. Once identified our Bypass division employs this most up to date technology and pumping equipment into the renowned fleet.

Clients understand that once the Welltech team have developed, endorsed and introduced a new product into the fleet, it is guaranteed to produce reliable, quality results.


Welltech acknowledges and appreciates the complexities of delivering Bypass projects which are always of a highly sensitive nature.

Welltech bring together our Management, Design and Engineering Teams to collaboratively analyse each project in detail. With all potential projects, our in-house drafting division first prepare 3D dimensional layout images which provide ourselves and our clients a clear understanding of exact setup, footprints and layouts onsite.

On the award of a project the drafting team further produce detailed P&ID’s, material take off lists, site layout plans and fabrication drawings for any/all items. The Design Team ensure our clients understand exactly how and what the site will look like once the system has been installed.


Our Engineering Team produces documentation covering all aspects of every project. These documents include but are not limited to:

  • Concise Flow Management Plans
  • Mechanical checklists
  • Electrical checklists
  • Design drawings and pump analysis
  • Site desktop analysis such as DBYD reviews

Welltech ensures at the planning stage the project deliverables comply with the client’s requirements whether it is regulatory and/or legislative obligations.

Our Engineering compliance not only satisfies the documentation deliverable but also ensures that we maintain an impeccable quality control process over all projects.


Due to increased demand surrounding health and safety issues in the workplace our HSE team ensure accurate and comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental procedures are produced and implemented onsite.

These documents can include but are not limited to the following:

  • JSEA’s
  • Risk and Environmental Analysis and plans
  • In the event of Alarm procedures
  • Accident and incident reporting

Our HSE team ensure all personnel, equipment and sites are protected and safe at all times. All documentation is fully compliant and up to date with the latest legislative requirements.

SEWER BYPass history

In recent years, Welltech’s Sewer Bypass Division has carried out Australia’s largest sewer Bypass operations, all of which have been 100% incident free.

In the past three years Welltech have successfully Bypassed sewerage on many projects, below is a small selection of various size projects undertaken in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane:

  • Woolloongabba Main Sewer, Client: John Holland/QUU, Flows: up to 1,650 L/sec Duration of 2 years at 25 locations, Completed project duration was 424 days with 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Woogaroo Trunk Main Sewer, Client: Thiess/ Queensland Urban Utilities, Flows up to 1,150L/sec, 98 days duration and 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Melbourne Main Sewer, Client: John Holland/Melbourne Water, Flows: up to 1,000 L/sec over 500 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Merri Creek Main Sewer, Client: John Holland/City West Water, Flows: up to 350 L/sec, 30 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Central Creek Branch Sewer, Client: John Holland/City West Water, Flows: up to 170 L/sec, 42 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Carlton Main Sewer, Client: Thiess Services/Melbourne Water, Flows: up to 530 L/sec, 35 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Pascoe Vale Main Sewer, Client: John Holland/Melbourne Water, Flows: up to 1,300 L/sec, 70 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Edgars Creek Sewer, Client: John Holland/Yarra Valley Water, Flows up to 240L/sec, 98 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Subiaco C main sewer, Client: Interflow/Water Corporation, Flows up to 230L/sec, 84 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Fremantle Main Sewer, Client: Drilline/Water Corporation, Flows up to 250L/sec, 112 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Yanchep WWTP, Client: Water Corporation, Flows up to 85L/sec, 88 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping
  • Perth Entertainment Centre, Client: Swan Water, Flows up to 65L/sec, 175 days, 100% incident free bypass pumping

fleet of equipment

Welltech’s fleet of specialised Bypass pumping equipment is predominantly Hidrostal and Flygt “N” series waste water pumps.

Hidrostal are the world leaders in waste water pump design and reliability. The Hidrostal pumps have screw impeller geometry and free passage design that can handle objects and laden liquids especially those solids that are raggy and fibrous which are prevalent in domestic and industrial waste-water.

Our fleet is constantly growing, we have pumps capable of pumping from 2L/sec through to the newest addition to our fleet – our Hidrostal “Vasto Venti’s”.

The “Vasto Venti”s” are capable of pumping individual flow rates in excess of 1,400L/sec.

Every pump in our fleet has an identical twin to act as its contingency backup.

Our fleet’s capacity has the ability to pump in excess of 10,000L/sec.

The fleet not only consists of pumps, we also have a vast range of the latest state of the art VF Drives fitted with SCADA telemetry and alarm systems. These drives can be interfaced with all Water Authorities control centers enabling complete clarity of site conditions at all times.

Some of our other equipment includes;

  • Magflo flow monitoring spools
  • Lampe pipe plugs (up to 3600mm diameter)
  • Valves and fittings through to 900mm
  • Custom, prefabricated temporary wet well pump stations


Welltech’s in-house 3D Design and Fabrication facility has the ability to build custom pipe spools, pump assemblies and any components required for our Bypass operations.

Our world class facility merges the best people with the best equipment which in turn produces consistently superior results. This compliments our philosophy of keeping a tightly controlled system that produces exacting standards on stringent lead times.

This we believe is a necessary component of delivering accurate and timely Bypass projects every time.


Welltech have established a Research and Development program that constantly scours the world looking for and researching efficient and effective methods of Bypassing.

We believe that we have the largest capacity and modern fleet of Bypass pumping equipment not only in Australia but in the World. All of our equipment is operated and supported up by state of the art electric drives and ultrasonic level control all of which is interfaced with SCADA back to base telemetry.


At Welltech we build strong relationships with our clients from inception to completion of all projects. At Welltech ‘solutions’ is the key word, we will find a solution no matter what the issue.

The unwavering dedication of our team drives us relentlessly towards the ever moving goal of absolute perfection.

We will always deliver, on every promise we make, Guaranteed.


Welltech is renowned for quality solutions, after many years of research into pipe plugging we have aligned ourselves in partnership with Lampe GMBH and are their Australian national distributor

We are proud to offer a full inventory of what we believe are the worlds’ leading pipe plugs.

As Lampe GmbH’s Australian agent we stock all the common and a selection of the not so common sizes ready for immediate dispatch.

Contact Welltech at anytime to discuss stock, pricing and the suitability of these revolutionary new pipe plugs to suit your requirements.

One Cushion plugs many different diameters

Lampe sewer sealing cushions will seal many different diameters;

150 to 400mm
300 to 800mm
400 to 1,00mm
500 to 1,400mm

Lampe sewer sealing cushion can be tightly folded and are light weight, making them easily folded and handled into all access chambers.

Lampe sewer sealing cushions will seal opening on any profile

They not only seal round pipes but also oval, kite and throat profiles as well as open top and box profiles, even as far as rectangular box curvets.