Welltech’s Bypass Division specialises in the successful pumping and bypassing of sewer and waste water across the nation and internationally. This division’s establishment has largely been advanced by an industry in dire need for a large scale operator with the capacity to manage flow rates in excess 10,000L/sec. 

Being able to pump high flow rates is only the beginning. We understand and embrace that to successfully carry out large scale Bypass operations, all details and possible scenarios must be identified and understood. Welltech’s Bypass Division ensures that each project component is considered, planned and executed using the most advanced equipment and practices to deliver incident free, completely controlled Bypass solutions.

Welltech’s research and development team constantly source and develop the latest equipment and technology available around the world. Once identified our Bypass division employs this most up to date technology and pumping equipment into the renowned fleet. 

Clients understand that once the Welltech team have developed, endorsed and introduced a new product into the fleet, it is guaranteed to produce reliable, quality results.