Fleet of Equipment

Welltech’s fleet of specialised Bypass pumping equipment is predominantly Hidrostal and Flygt “N” series waste water pumps.

Hidrostal are the world leaders in waste water pump design and reliability. The Hidrostal pumps have screw impeller geometry and free passage design that can handle objects and laden liquids especially those solids that are raggy and fibrous which are prevalent in domestic and industrial waste-water.

Our fleet is constantly growing, we have pumps capable of pumping from 2L/sec through to the newest addition to our fleet – our Hidrostal “Vasto Venti’s”.

The “Vasto Venti”s” are capable of pumping individual flow rates in excess of 1,400L/sec.

Every pump in our fleet has an identical twin to act as its contingency backup.

Our fleet’s capacity has the ability to pump in excess of 10,000L/sec.

The fleet not only consists of pumps, we also have a vast range of the latest state of the art VF Drives fitted with SCADA telemetry and alarm systems. These drives can be interfaced with all Water Authorities control centers enabling complete clarity of site conditions at all times.

Some of our other equipment includes;

  • Magflo flow monitoring spools

  • Lampe pipe plugs (up to 3600mm diameter)

  • Valves and fittings through to 900mm

  • Custom, prefabricated temporary wet well pump stations